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How it works

Using our service is fast and painless - everything is done online and you can have your official Certificate and company documents with a matter of hours.

Complete the online application
Start an online application and begin building your new company. Once started you can save & return to it at any time and there's plenty of help available during the process.

We lodge the application for processing
Sit back while we electronically send your application through to Companies House for processing.

Receive your Certificate, company number and documents
Once processing has been successfully completed (usually 4 hours) we'll email you the official Certificate of Incorporation, Articles & Memorandum of Association, share certificates, board minutes and more.

In more detail...

How long does it all take?
During business hours it can take approximately 4 hours to process your application. If everything is fine with your details then your new company will be registered there and then. If there are some errors that need amending we'll let you know and you'll need resubmit the application.

How do I receive the documents?
You'll receive a PDF of the official Certificate immediately by email once the company has been registered. At this time you'll be able to log back into our website and collect the rest of your company documentation.

What's included and how much does it cost?
Visit our Pricing page for more information on cost and what's included in our company package.

Where can I find more information about companies?
Our FAQ page has a number of resources and articles on the in's and out's of registering a company and some great tips for growing new businesses.

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